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Hi All,
Does anyone know if there are stronger medication out there as on Gabapentin but in a shit load of pain? Keep meaning to make doctors appointment and remembering when its too late! Also struggling with depression which i have had for years.
I find MS frustrating as i can’t do anywhere near what i used to be able to do and now just to make life more difficult i have gained weight.Is anyone else having an issue with their weight ,hope you dont mind me asking.
Rant over,apologies

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11 months ago

@tilly , Gabapentin is prescribed for neuropathic pain. But, you have to find out which dosage works for you, so you may want to ask your Doctor to increase the dose.

If it still doesn’t work for you, you may need to switch to Pregabelen, a similar medication.

It may be worth contacting your MS Nurse to discuss these problems. They” probably be more knowledgeable than your GP regarding this.

11 months ago

I have gained a lot of weight, when I was taking Rebif it messed up my Thyroid. I now have a bouncy thyroid that can’t be treated with medicine. I haven’t started any strong medication yet but they have pain clinics in the US for such pain problems. Montel Williams a celebrity in the US use to take a lot on pain pills for his MS and nearly commited suicide. He went to one of the pain clinics and doesn’t use any at all now. I have read that medical marijuana helps with chronic pain. Potter

11 months ago

Med marijuana helps some people, just start slowly to see it’s effects. I found it helped me with my twitching leg muscles in the evening/night. CBD should be main ingredient with some THC to help introduce it and assist. Too much THC makes me more disabled than usual as muscles are even less responsive. Too much is not a good thing but a little helps. Like MS it affects everyone differently.

11 months ago

I take cannibis high in cbd its take the pain off within seconds and i get a good night sleep, i use a vaporizer because i don’t smoke, a lot of people have good results from cbd oil.

11 months ago

Thank you all for your comments,don’t think that me being overweight is helping but can’t seem to shift the extra pounds ! Have given up on squeezing into clothes that used to fit and have started wearing the next size up.Just want the pain to go away but know this is unlikely.
Written down everything that i wish to discuss next month at my consultants appointment.

11 months ago

Amitriptyline is what my neuro recommended, it takes the edge off. previously i had tried Gabapentin without any effect at all

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