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A small achievement

Hey gang, guess what – I CAN KNIT😄. Before MS I started knitted multi patterned cushion covers to tie in with a pricey throw I’d bought. Beginning with diminished use of my hands, I gave up. Not until my daughter sorting through stuff, found the abandoned
Wool and knitting did I realise they hadn’t been iachucked out . Before I ask my carer to pick up where I left off I said ‘I’ll have a go myself. I can do it!!!!! I’m slower……. but I can! What do you other wheelchair MSers do to pass your day?xx

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8 months ago

Yay for any wins! 😉 and something that works finger dexterity and the mind and can be creative as well…trifacta! good for you and maybe I should start ;-0

I am a creative sort (in addition to being an accounting systems analyst until this last June so nasty logic requirements and big computer stuff and big data work) but not sure I can do that anymore. I picked up putting together my daughter’s digital scrapbook that I had set down for years! to have that ready for her graduation and hand-off memory book as she transitions to adult-hood and I am better than ever 😉 and not as much in a hurry. Thinking I could take over the whole digital photo book business ;-0 but right now am hopped up on steroids from a flare so I had better not over commit ;-0

I’m not in a wheelchair – yet but balance and mobility are challenged. I need to dedicate a certain time to practice a past endeavor of mine – piano. As a teenager I was quite good and my daughter is now passable. Bought a baby grand to go into it’s place in our new home and she has played it WAY more than me! I gotta get back to it. If I commit to not working it could happen…after this book business.

Also there was a thread of people picking up additional languages. Another great memory thing and could be useful in so many ways…search (magnifying glass upper left) and I think they said duolingo was their preferred.

Great idea to chat about 😉

8 months ago

So happy for you 👍 my name is Lisa for me myself i have got paints so now i paint arts creative bird houses decorating Christmas Halloween and more🦋 keep on keeping
We are doing it !!! Yes yes yes

8 months ago

@itsmewithms well done you……for doing the digital scrap book and I love that you’ve fitted in a baby grand- you must get back to it 🎹🎼😄xx
@lisa_morghan my late partner was a painter👍🏻And I used to design gardens . We must all do what we can for our creative outlet & keep going 👏🏻😊xx

8 months ago

Hey this is
Lisa do i know you?? Saw your
Post and you talking about key broad
I did play piano in past and im painting now ‘retired ” yes yes yes so ill ask again do i know you ?? Feel free its safe 🧤💦

8 months ago

@lisa_morghan I don’t think I know you but my memory’s not good now and even more screwed up cos I’m moving house next week. Did you mean know me thru’ shiftms or know me in real life? xx

8 months ago

Good to see you back 😀
I need a new jumper do you do commissions?
And don’t forget teabags, milk and cups when you get in the door….. there always put in the bottom of packing boxes and you can never find them,
Hope it all goes well for you 😀

8 months ago

@highlander, good to be back…… as you can imagine it’s been full scale sorting and chucking here for weeks; now the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen😳!!! But I dare say I’ll go quiet once we land. As to commissions: no luck. I’m very very slow and probably uneven so better I don’t but probably you were joshing.
Hope alls well with you and yours. xx

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