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8 years ago

yes.during first week of last relapse i was eating pain killers everyday.headaches were making it hard to get to sleep (plus the nuttas that shouted all night on my ward :-|).doc said it was because there was a lot of activity goin on in me brainbox because of the nerve damage.they started wearing off as the relapse wore off.hope claire feels better soon

8 years ago

I found myself having headaches a lot for a few weeks, panadol wouldn’t help much if at all. I sit at a desk and look at the computer screen most of the day so I went and got my eyes checked and now have a pair of reading glasses just for the computer/books etc … The headaches stopped.

I’m unsure of you’re situation but maybe if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer go to an optometrist (or however its spelt) and see what they think.

My neurologist says that there is no link between headaches and MS … but everyone is different.

All the best.

8 years ago

Thanks for your help guys, feeling alot better today still had a few headaches but so much brighter than yesterday 🙂

The pain is on my right brow bone and its severe pain for 5-10 secinds and then nothing for up to an hour. Just thought I’d ask because I hadn’t experienced it before and don’t have a great MS Nurse to ask.

So glad this site is here!

8 years ago

These brief but intense stabbing headaches are definately common in people with MS. I get them frequently, as do my friends who have MS. They often stop me in my tracks but generally only make a fleeting visit so don’t bother me too much. My nurse confirmed that they occur in the areas where nerves are taking a battering. I like to think it is cute little MS monsters hammering away in my brain and causing the mayhem – they seem to be having fun – but I’m not!

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