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LOVE TO DANCE ON E!Please dont judge.2-3 times a year.

Hi,i was diagnosed recently (RRMS) still trying to get my head around it. I’m a 28 year old gay man, fit and healthy. can some one please tell me what the effect of taken ecstasy is with MS? not often but i do enjoy a good dance in the summer on e.not a drinker, so lost now how to get my dance kick

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10 years ago

I’ve never taken ecstasy and, having seen it make a mess of some of my friends, I’m not the biggest fan.

However, fate has dealt you a shitty hand and given you MS. I don’t think anyone on these message boards would begrudge you the need to let off steam in any way you see fit, as long as it makes you happy. Particularly in the confusing “just-been-diagnosed” days.

Here’s the science bit from Wikipedia, relevant for people who may be taking other medications:


10 years ago

I don’t know of any specific research into MSers on E – where the hell would the funding come from?! But I know that most research done into E and “normal” people doesn’t have a lot positive to say about it. The physiological and psychological effects of long-term usage are relatively unknown – it’s a fairly new drug.

The main physical effect of E is an unpredictable increase in body temperature – and it’s well recognised that higher body temperature can bring on relapse-like symptoms. So I can’t imagine that would be too pleasant.

Plus there’s the fatigue that arrives with the come down – I’m trying to cut down my own fatigue at the moment, thank you.

10 years ago

This is all based on you getting a good pill by the way – I don’t know what crap they’re cutting pills with these days. A good dose of pure MDMA can permanently damage non-MSers’ health – your immune system already has a puncture in it through having MS, so why endanger your health further?

This isn’t what you want to hear, but somewhere along the road you might have to think quite hard about your recreational pursuits. I’m guessing like most people on here you are surrounded by friends and family who are all devastated by your diagnosis. It’s not a very cool thing to say but you have a responsibility to yourself and to THEM to look after yourself to the best of your abilities. GOOD LUCK!

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