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It’s my own choice, deal!

When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t know what was going to happen! so I wanted to learn about my own MS before choosing a dmd. Now that I know my symptoms and relapse rate (none so far!) and reading about the diff DMDs (what they do, side effects and so on) I’ve decided not to take any…

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8 years ago

…plus I’m at the baby making/wanting age! My family (well, most of them) were extremely unsupportive when I told them my decision and now that I AM pregnant. they’re always going on about how not being on any meds is bad. *sigh* I still don’t know if they’re comparinf me to someone without MS, or comparing what I used to be like (which is exacly the same!!). I keep telling them what the drugs do (i.e. NOT a cure!!!) and why I’m not on any – they just don’t get it, don’t listen and don’t believe me. But have they done their own research? Not a chance. I wish they would just deal with it and LISTEN to me. *humpf*

8 years ago

Good for you for standing up for what YOU want…it’s your body after all. I know the feeling of people seeming to forget that small detail that it’s us that have to deal with it all. I did choose a DMD but given that I had 5 serious relapses in my first year of MS, the idea of reducing them by a third sounded pretty appealing. For you, with a relapse rate of none,, not taking a DMD seems to make just as much sense…after all, they reduce your relapse rate…yours already seems pretty amazing to me! Chin up and try not to let to let other people’s-often uneducated- judgements get to you. Congratulations on your pregnancy-enjoy every moment:) xx

8 years ago

hats off to you!
More often than not ppl dont listen or understand and if u hadnt have taken a decision yourself you mey not have heard the patter of tiny footsteps.

ive just been diagnosed and have been trying to conceive for a long time but once finding out i had polycystic ovaries and my diabetes it hasnt been easy, now without even discussing it with me or fully explaining it to me my neuro wants me to start copaxone (i should be on my 3rd month of treatment!) but i am treatment free and knowing how bad i want a baby am willing to suffer relapses if it means i get pregnant. and just like u said DMD’s arent a cure!

Websites like his are great as people really understand where u are coming from.

best of luck and i hope the patter of tiny footsteps will bring u heaps of joy

8 years ago

Your life, your body, your decision.

8 years ago

Good work on your part =)

I’ve been trying to convince my wife that starting a family would be a good thing, but she isn’t so sure. She says she doesn’t like kids for a start, so my MS is a perfect reason for her not to, but it is her choice.

8 years ago

If you want to have kids and aren’t having any relapses then defo sounds like meds aren’t for you. Families just want us all to be well and the meds seem to be a must to make sure we do as well as we can, hence their pushy attitude.
I am going on to avonex soon as last year my MS felt a lot more active, but previously I was pretty against them, however, my attitude towards meds changed as the MS has changed. Perhaps that is something to think of, if your MS gets more active then look at them again? Good luck 🙂

8 years ago

Of course if things change, I’ll think things through over again, let’s hope that doesn’t happen though 😉
Thank you everyone for your supportive comments and understanding how I feel (plus letting me rant!!). My mum thinks I didn’t want to take meds because of injecting so she keeps going on about fingolimod and I keep telling her it’s not available to me and it’s not the injecting I don’t want to do and I know about things (waaaay) before she tells me and I DON’T WANT TO TAKE ANY DMDs!!!! I try to ignore her, but now the rest of my family (aunt, sisters) are doing the same. It’s times like these that becoming a hermit sound like a good idea 😛

8 years ago

I think its great that you are doing what YOU want to do. I tried a few meds when I was first diagnosed in 2006, and had bad side effects. I quit taking them. In 2008, I got pregnant with my fist son and throughout the entire pregnancy, all of my symptoms went away. I was seriously ecstatic throughout the entire thing, because I was so healthy and energetic. I did take Rebif for a month after I gave birth, since my doctor was so worried about the high relapse rate directly after having a baby. But then I quit, and havent’t been back on anything in three years. Even after I gave birth to my second son I didn’t take anything because I wanted to breastfeed this time. I have been doing pretty well, I think. I deal with fatigue, depression, pain, dizziness, numbness, tingling, heat sensitivity, memory loss, loss of focus, etc., but haven’t had any major relapses (knock on wood). I would say that if, God forbid, you had major relapses, you might want to consider trying something to see how you would tolerate it. That is my plan. Its not like they are cures or anything; if they were, I would’t even think twice. In my opinion, lowering the risk of something happening by however many percentage points was not worth me feeling like total crap for 4 days out of the week.

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