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Attack of the Blurry-eyed monster!

The dreaded double vision is back, and although I have every faith it will go again as quickly as it came on, this one’s a right pain in the rear! Since steriods are a no-go, can anyone suggest a herbal remedy or anything else that they have tried and tested to quicken the healing process? Thanks x

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9 years ago

I have this too right now – well I say right now bwen since 21st May and a real pain.

Have found eye drops for hayfever helpful as well as resting the eye whereever possible by wearing an eye patch – not a pretty sight but behind closed doors I can put up with this!!!

For some reason as well wearing sunglasses makes a difference, just look silly if worn indoors or at night.

Good luck x

9 years ago

Thanks Debbie!! Any suggestions are gratefully received, I’ll definately try the sunglasses one oh and the hayfever eye-drops too! Been wearing an eye patch when possible, but Ive been told off for this…as it puts un-nessecary strain on the other eye apparently (not that Im bothered…anything that means I see one object instead of 2 and a half is good in my book) lol

Hope your eye gets better soon chick! x

9 years ago

Initially i thought my girlfriend’s ideas of using massage oils was not going to work – but it did. Clary Sage, Marjoram and Peppermint have an amazing effect.

9 years ago

massage oils?!? expand please…

9 years ago

Sorry, i initially wrote an essay then got worried about being too wordy!

I have been getting daily massages from my mum (sad i know) and girlfriend (when i’m there) in the evening after dinner using those oils on my back/spine.

Only 5 drops of each massage oil are used in combination after an initial base massage with almond carrier oil. Know it’s the oils that are having an effect because if i differ the oils that are used or miss them out altogether i am clearly more shaky.

9 years ago

Girlfriend uses this when her eyes get worse as well!

9 years ago

ooh that sounds good, i think i’ll have to get some of those asnd get hubby to massage!

9 years ago

Hi There,

I too have Double Vision and the Electric Shocks down my spine again???!!! Right pain in the bottom. Does any one think it may be the change in the weather asd it’s hot then cold that has made us get the Symptoms?

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