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20,000 members and counting…

Hi all

This week marks a real milestone for me and the community. I am not only extremely proud but also excited to announce that the forum has welcomed its 20,000th member. We could never have imagined the community would get to this size when we started out. This wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you and I’d like to thank you all for making this milestone possible, and providing support to each other when we need it.

Our growing network means that we are ready to welcome those recently diagnosed with open arms, while also being there for members who need propping up when MS makes life hard. We want you to connect with others so that you can form meaningful relationships with MSers that have shared interests from across the globe – and the more people who share their experiences, the better.

So let’s keep on growing and sharing our experiences. I’d love to hear your stories on how the network has helped you – please share.

Thank you again for being part of and making it what it is today, our dedicated volunteers, brilliant network of supporters, and of course the awesome team (past and present) who have got us where we are today.


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5 months ago

@gpeps, CONGRATULATIONS to all @ shiftms. It’s certainly helped me and enabled me to meet and make good supportive MSer friends.xx

5 months ago

That’s a lot of MSdebators 😂

5 months ago

……and some are way more civilised than others, @doubleo7 hud!…. Shift has been my one and only foray into the world of social media, which I am not a general fan of. I love the way that people everywhere make different use of this forum. Some take the occasional dip, some discover through panic and intense research, some to make genuine contacts and some, like me, check in with every day to feel connected, understood and in good company. So grateful for the initial vision which set it up and all the folks who maintain it 🙂 🙂

5 months ago

Fabulous community, you had wonderful futuristic vision.
Like @vixen I would only be in the Ha’penny place as I’m not a social media buff, this forum is my kind of cuppa tea.
Massive Thank you for your vision & all the volunteers who helped to bring Shift to what it’s become of today. An excellent forum for all MSers.

@doubleo7hud, I read one of your posts last night cracking up with laughter.
You are talented with your writing.
Thank you for the laugh, you are a true writer, with a great sense of humour plz don’t leave this talent go. You’ve an exceptional born talent.

5 months ago

Happy days – proud to be part of the community. And it wouldn’t be possible without you George!

5 months ago

@vixen I’m a Yorkshireman lass, civilised me eye 😂 (was gonna day ars3 but toned it down still can be a gentleman 😂).

@jane_watts I’m sure I’d be blushing if my cogs were ticking properly today thank you

5 months ago

@gpepes – Kudos, a testament to hard work and commitment. Well done.

5 months ago

@gpepes i don’t have social media, and i’m not one to really talk about ms openly in my smaller community due to my symptoms being hidden so i feel like i’m “full of shit” to people who are uneducated about the disease. this website makes me feel comfortable and confident enough to actually talk about ms and allows me to connect and read about people and their relationship with ms. thank you for giving us a voice! truly.

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