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2 years post Lem. Pretty much 2 the day

Ok so just had my MRI on Monday. 2 years after lemtrada – 1st round.

I haven’t had any relapses! Wahoo! But my mobility hasn’t really improved. Am I relying on the drugs too much? Should I be doing more on top of running a home single handedly and working full time? Should I find the hours in the week for swimming and walking (when I can) on top of 12 hour days Monday to Friday?

Please find a cure for the JCV and put me back on tysbari

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7 months ago

@gates1989 swimming us the best thing you can do, exercises everything without the weight so find an hour a week for YOU. You are a VIP and when dealing with ms the more you concentrate on you the better things will be. If you got kids take them swimming as well. Kids will understand with any illness but ms in particular that if they give mummy the time to go for a nap, help you clear up etc., that mummy will be fit to go to the park, watch them play football etc., if not kids, then your employers should make ‘reasonable changes’ I.e. hours, furniture moving etc. Don’t try and do it all alone, there is help out there and if you accept a little now you should be able to lead a normal life with excasebating symptoms too much😜😍

7 months ago

@gates1989 , the objective of a Disease Modifying Treatment (DMT) is to reduce the severity and frequency of relapses. And, Lemtrada is pretty good at achieving that.

Once our bodies are no long attacking ourselves, then they can start to try and recover any lost function. This recovery is contingent on age and neuronal reserve amongst other things.

What we have to do is try and retrain our Central Nervous System (CNS), so that it can establish new neural pathways around any historic MS damage.

So, do what you can, when you can. Swimming is good, but only when you have the energy.

And, with a smile like yours, you shouldn’t be single. 😊

7 months ago

Hello @gates1989. I started Tecfidera nearly two years ago and haven’t any new lesions or relapses. But, the condition is slowly ticking away regardless and I guess I never thought that getting better as such was to be expected? I do agree with @stumbler though; through repeating my daily walking, tortuous though it is. I am now able to walk for longer….

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