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1st post — 1st relapse :(

Hi! I’m from Utah and I was just diagnosed in August. Because I didn’t have insurance at the time my neurologist tried getting approval for free/reduced meds. Anyway, that didn’t work out and neither did my application for emergency Medicaid, so I haven’t started any treatment. In the meantime I signed up for insurance and saw my doc. With the symptoms I’m having he thinks I’m having a relapse…. my first since being diagnosed. I have an MRI a week from Monday then I go back for a follow up. This is all soooo new to me (still). So glad I saw this on Facebook… it makes me feel “not alone”.

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7 months ago

Hi @jasmine_miles and welcome.

I’m in the UK, so can’t start to understand the intricacies of the American health system. It just doesn’t seem that healthy if you can’t get what you need. Let’s hope things improve on that front,

Relapses are best avoided so that we don’t accumulate further damage. We can help this objective by adopting a positive attitude, living healthily, eating healthily and avoiding stress. That latter point being very important.

Take time out to learn about MS. Knowing your enemy is the first step in dealing with your enemy. But, avoid Dr. Google and stick with creditable websites, like the MS Society or the MS Trust (a UK charity).

And pose any questions here. 😉

7 months ago


I am 62 years old living in Canada & was diagnosed with PPMS in my early 60’s. I too am not on any medication. My diet has completely changed; every morning the first thing in my stomach is Vitamin D. And if I have not had fish for a few days, Omega 3-6-9. My present wife makes me fruit Smoothies to drink – fresh fruit tastes better but I’ll take frozen berries. And a variety of nuts to munch on while I am watching TV.

Bread in scarcity, no milk at all, no red meat (i.e. Steaks or burgers) whatsoever; although I do cheat once a month. As much fruit & vegetables as possible are in my stomach daily; fish (wild Salmon) whenever we can afford it. Plenty of fluids – the problem is that I need to be close to a washroom due to MS bladder challenges. Life isn’t perfect (sometimes embarrassing) yet I enjoy the good while dealing with the bad.

Second, you are the exact same person as you were before the recent health challenges. Exact same likes & dislikes; your friends will stick around so long as you keep the attitude & personality you have had all your life. Nothing will change with your family. There may be some physical challenges that force you to adjust what you can & can not do at work & at play; but I am fairly sure you have made adjustments since you were a teenager.

Hope this helps…

7 months ago

Hi Jasmine, you are not alone, you might be on the other side of the pond but we’re only a click away. We’re very lucky in one sense to live in the uk, no medical bills as such, so we get mri’s and relevant DMT (disaster mobility dodifying therapies/treatments) for free. I’m 62, one of the old codgers, had the bast for 25 years that I know of, but so many things fell into place when I dxd (diagnosed)that I’ve probably had it for 40, but as you born with it and it takes a ‘major trauma’ to your body to set it off it’s hardy surprising.

We’re always here for a natter, rant,moan,cry,celebration whatever floats your boat. But remember, there is no such thing as a silly question with ms and we don’t judge, we’ve all been there.✌🏼😉😫😍

7 months ago

Thank you all for your input/responses! I really appreciate the advice. 🙂

7 months ago

Hey @jasmine_miles, nope, you so are not alone. Things will hopefully become clearly after your next MRI which will hopefully lead to treatment. But, exercise, diet and rest are the best things you can do for yourself at the moment. And no googling!. This is very new to you and it will take a while to sort out what is what. We’ve all been there, and you will make it through this and begin to make sense of this very strange life of ours!

6 months ago

@vixen thanks… I’ve actually done pretty good staying away from Google… lol.

6 months ago

I was diagnosed a couple of months before August and also had a relapse shortly after diagnosis. I’m on Medicaid and it’s been amazing so far. They have covered everything I needed which is a lot… I don’t even want to know the total amount they’ve paid. I hope you feel better soon!

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