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Ive taken my first full infusion of Ocrevus itwasn’t bad got a little itchy towards the end when my nurse spend up the drip, also my heart was racing at the end nd even 24 hrs after is still kinda beating fast. . i think its kinda working tho. . my leg is less tingly nd i feel good! šŸ˜šŸ˜
But i keep thinking of all the CRAZY side effetcs of Ocrevus nd am of course fearful but also thinking if just being able to walk better nd of course slowing down the damage that’s already done in my brain (i have semi severe lesions on my brain) im just very scared nd i absolutely hate the feeling of not knowing “the right thing to do” šŸ˜–šŸ˜–
Help! Thoughts? Opinion? !!

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2 years ago

@monicap-95 , living in the world today is not without risk, as soon as we step out of our front door. So, we do have to keep everything in perspective.

You have just taken the first steps in trying to make an incurable life-impacting condition into nothing more than an inconvenience.

I just wish we had had such powerful options when I started my MS journey.

I wish you good luck in the path you have chosen.

2 years ago

Hello @monicap-95. What a lovely positive post! Have heard lots of positive reports, in the UK we are waiting for the go-ahead to be approved. Iā€™m sure people will be interested to follow your progress! All the best x

2 years ago

I was trying for this medication but was denied ā˜¹ļø

2 years ago

I am glad to hear that it went well for you. I had itching my first starter dose, but by the second session, I had no itching or reactions at all. It was the best kind of boring. I hope you have something similar, as your body should begin to adjust to it now and hopefully you have an easier time of it next time.

2 years ago

I’m likely to be starting it soon after my second opinion.

Hoping to follow your progress and best of luck šŸ™‚

2 years ago

I am also about to get my first dose here in the next couple of weeks. Side effects always worry me – PML, hit to immune system (how bad? it is flu season!) But I feel like the other DMTs are not slowing down anything – relapse on Gilenya, and not another on Aubagio.

I hope this works – please keep us all posted on how you feel in a couple months.

~ wayne

2 years ago

@waynexxl One thing I have read was that, because Ocrevus is so targeted, there is a chance it is less generally immune suppressive than some other DMTs. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but it’s an interesting possibility at least. I’m doing fine so far, but it has only been just about three months this week since my first starter dose.

As with everything, we will adapt and try things and adjust. Good luck to you.

2 years ago

Thank yu all so much for commenting!!
@iamagms Sorry to hear yu were denied, Did they have yu apply for the yr free trial from the company??
@@weynxxl @@curious-one @@vixen
Thank yu for ur comments nd i will always update my journey along the way for any1 that may be curious about Ocrevus cuz i still am myself nd its defitinelty a big step to take! Im juss hopeing the benefits out way the bad if any if any1 has ever read the possible side effects from Ocrevus they are kinda scary!! Lbvs

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