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✨Let there be light✨

I know I keep banging on about Photobiomodulation, but the subject just won’t go away for me.

And I had a stroke of luck today in the form of a golden envelope….

I am seriously considering buying a unit to try. I have been for ages. But the cost prevented me. (It’s not much fun having SPMS, being a jobless single mum, with no maintenance ever off ex, orphan etc…)

But, I have today only gone and won the cost of one on the postcode lottery…
– I know right?!

But as above, my risk/result analysis is still proving inconclusive.

Hope it is scant, and I haven’t got years to wait for the whole pharmaceutical industry to get their act together. My SP MS has decided to hone in on my cerebellum, so I’ve also been diagnosed with cerebrum ataxia; and everything gone a bit wonky …

Photobiomodulation makes a bit of sense to me. (or I’m clutching at straws)….
it is backed up with medical research and testimonials from credible sources; and is currently being tested by both NASA and the Army?

(But, on the flipside…)

Regardless; isn’t it nice to ponder something potentially positive, other than symptoms, medications, complications, frustration, anger and hopelessness….

Let me know what you think fam! If anyone has any compelling reasons as to why they think this is ‘well risky’, then please comment. I need some objectivity…

Love n lite ✨🌈❤️✨

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5 months ago

@mermaidia11 , it does all look very interesting. And, the Vielight refund policy is reassuring.

Do let us know if you do invest your winnings and how it goes.

5 months ago

Dearest @mermaidia11 – objectivity – can you afford it without skirting yourself, will you have enough to live on without it, if it makes a difference medically to your life, will it mean that you can spend more quality time doing things with your offspring before they are too old, etc., enough said?

5 months ago

@stumbler and @grandma thanks guys !

I can still feed kids etc, so fcuk it I think I will; when ur cerebellum goes with MS, it’s bad news, so anything that may help me being a bit better is worth it you are right…

Who knows, the placebo effect may kick in, I don’t care if it is – I’ve got a lot of people who want me to be s bit weller than I am …!

Think it’s a faff getting it, but keep u posted…

Thank u


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