The MS Nurse is one of the most critical members of an MSer’s care team, they are often the face that a patient sees the most and its their voice at the other end of the phone. MS Nurses in the UK are often under immense workloads, time pressures and are often responsible for patients in a vast area of the country. This pressure can sometimes become problematic for a patient new to MS, their care, their condition and looking for support.


This MS reporters series sets out to capture the MS Nurses role, what they can be for a patient and how to make that relationship work best for everyone involved. MS Reporters interviewed patients about their experiences and asked them their techniques that they employ to work together with their MS Nurse. These questions and insights were then posed to an MS Nurse directly so see them from the nurses Perspective.


There are four episodes in this series;


Episode 1 ‘My MS Nurse is…’ – looks to Capture the MSer perspective on the value of their MS Nurses, and why they turn to them.
Episode 2 ‘When should I call my MS Nurse?’ – In this episode Gemma and Zoe discuss what factors make them call their nurse.
Episode 3 ‘What MS nurses need from you’ – This episode gets answers to Gemma and Zoe’s questions from MS Nurse Danielle Cragg.
Episode 4 ‘How to make the most of your MS Nurse’ – In the final episode Gemma, Zoe and Danielle come together to describe and share some ways to get the best out of your relationship with your nurse and care team.

Episode 1 – My MS Nurse is…

In this episode of Should I call my MS Nurse when… two MS reporters Gemma and Zoe discuss their MS Nurses how they have come to work with them, the issues they have faced and generally how they have come to value them as a key member of their care team, the ones that have their back.


Episode 2 – When should I call my MS Nurse?

In this episode we are still with Gemma and Zoe reflecting specifically on how they know when to call their MS nurse. They both have different perspectives and we learn that its quite a personal topic with other factors often influencing what should probably be quite a clear cut decision making process.


Episode 3 – What MS nurses need from you

Thus far we have only seen the MSer perspective on this topic, which is obviously super important but to make the conversation complete we brought in an MS specialist Nurse, Danielle Cragg, interviewed by one of her patients and MS reporter Mike. In this interview she gives her professional perspective on some Gemma and Zoes discussion.


Episode 4 – How to make the most of your MS Nurse

There can be a lot of pressure on both patient and Expert when they meet to have a successful and productive chat in very little time. Often this pressure can cause one or both to come away from the meeting feeling unfulfilled. In this episode Gemma, Zoe, Mike and Danielle all suggest tips from their experience to give each meeting the best chance of feeling like a success.


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