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First time on steroids

After being diagnosed with RRMS earlier in the year, I'm just going through my most severe relapse whilst I've been waiting for my second scan. They've put me on IV steroids and I feel terrible: slightly less dizziness, slightly more stability, but absolutely exhausted. With both treatments the IV a...


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New pending diagnosis and dealing with steroids

Hi Everyone! I am very new here and living through the whirlwind. 10 days ago I suddenly lost vision in one eye, was diagnosed with optic neuritis, and then landed in the hospital for 6 days where additional testing (MRI and CSF) all points towards MS diagnosis. I did 5 days steroid infusion in th...


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Do steroids ever not work?

I’m in the middle of a relapse that is quite badly affecting my hands - numbness, stiffness, and pain that is making it very hard to work or cook or do anything for myself. I’ve just finished a 5-day course of steroids. Last time I took them they started working before I’d even finished the course, ...


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Coming off steroids - neck pain??

Hi all, I've just finished a five-day course of methylprednisolone for a relapse, it's the first time I've used steroids. They didn't make much difference - I just had a bit more energy but that was offset by not sleeping. Now I've stopped taking them I think I'm experiencing the steroid 'crash' - ...


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Steroids keeping me awake

Hi, I'm new here & still trying to figure the website out so hope I've posted this correctly... Sorry if I haven't. This morning was day 4/5 of medrone to help treat a relapse & they're making me feel really rubbish :( does anyone know if I can skip the last day's dose? I think I needed the...

Feeling good after steroids (post Ocrevus infusion)

Hi everyone, I have noticed the crap gap everyone talks about in the lead up to my infusions. It’s really hard to know why it happens and that’s a whole post in itself. I am wondering though, does anyone feel much better after the infusion? I am wondering if it’s the pre med steroids… love to hear e...


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Steroids - Crap Gap - Ocrevus

Hi all, my son is due his 3rd full Ocrevus infusion at the beginning of February but is currently really poorly and going through the “crap gap” - debilitating fatigue, nausea, cog fog etc. has anyone here felt the crap gap and has anyone been treated with steroids to help them until the infusion is...


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Coping with metal taste on steroids?

Hi! I'm currently on methylprednisolone and ugh, I can never stand the metal taste. It's so awful not even being able to drink water without being disgusted! What's your method of dealing with the taste? I keep mints in my pocket and snack on lemons when I can. Anyone have their own favourites for ...


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Second relapse of the year, steroids...

I am currently on 5 days of Methylprednisolone because of optic neuritis in my good eye and they honestly make me feel awful. One question is I have had them before in february this year and I am having similar side effects now that I had back then. One being bad taste in mouth and nothing taste no...


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Methylprednisolone (steroids) 500mg a day

So I started steroids for my relapse, but it’s been two months seen I started to become poorly. And I’ve been told I have to isolate for two weeks (when I started treatment yesterday. Don’t understand why? Could be something to do COVID maybe?