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Multiple Sclerosis: Cause and Effect

I published a book called MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS:Cause and Effect. How Stress Impacted My Thirty Year Journey With Multiple Sclerosis. AMAZON.COM, BARNESANDNOBEL.COM or fine bookstores everywhere! This tells my story, and what I went through to bring on the ‘GIFT’! By Peter J. Licari

Precision Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis

Last month I was on a panel with Dr. Amit Bar-Or and Dan & Jennifer Digmann. We discussed precision medicine and what the future holds for MS patients. You may enjoy hearing what the cutting-edge research is up to and how it will affect treatment in the future. Is a cure around the corner? https://...
Burlington, United States

How do you identify with multiple sclerosis?

Hey community 👋 We'd love to hear from you about how you identify with multiple sclerosis. Do you consider yourself a "person with MS," or do you prefer terms like "MS warrior" or "MS survivor?" How do these labels make you feel, and do you feel like they accurately represent your experie...


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Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illness

Hi everybody, I'm just wondering how many of us deal with MS in addition to other chronic illnesses? For the most part, I'm very positive, but it gets challenging at times. I have rrms, and was diagnosed with Cancer about a year ago. I also deal with anxiety and depression. Both are unde...


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Multiple Sclerosis Educational Video

Check out the Multiple Sclerosis Explainer video: Check out more education resources at

Multiple Sclerosis Online Course (MSOC) study is open!

We are seeking people with MS to be part of a study investigating the effects of lifestyle recommendations delivered through an online learning platform! Developed by the University of Melbourne, this 6-week online course will give you the opportunity to connect with other people with MS and play ...


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Best App for Multiple Sclerosis

I was told to download the NHS app to help understand Multiple sclerosis by my Neurology consultant. Connection Plus App store. Is a brilliant arsenal of information towards many common things. One place with everything you need to know and with videos. Download test for yourself and i bet. You...

Antibody Test for #MultipleSclerosis - At Last!

A 20-minute test for MS is on the horizon. Check out the story and my pick for the book of the month at:
Burlington, United States