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MS Hug??

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, I got this sensation around my waist. It started in my midback and moved self my entire stomach. It felt as if I was wearing a girdle and I couldn't get comfortable for awhile. Anyone else experience this or something similar? For me, I've only experienced...
Los Angeles, United States


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Ms hug

Describing MS hug to neighbour. "I get that" me in my head no you do sodding not!
Leicester, UK


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MS hug or something else?

Hi all, I am currently experiencing mild chest pains, with a burning, breathless sensation in my lungs (kind of how I imagine asthma would feel). My heart also does some weird uncomfortable stuff when I lie down My GP has ordered bloods etc but thinks it may be MS hug. I do get MS hug, but I’ve on...
Butterknowle, United Kingdom


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Anyone else experience the ms hug?

Mine sometimes feels like I have ‘a stitch’ or a ‘crampy feeling’ in between my ribs, sharp shooting pains or a ‘pressure’ feeling and tightness and when breathing, like I have a elastic band around my ribs and heavy feeling on chest. Anyone else? What kind of things do other experience with the ms ...
Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom


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MS Hug

Hi. So this year I have been experiencing the MS Hug. At first I didn't know what this was, my breathing was difficult and it felt like pressure on my chest. Anyway, I went to my GP to rule out any other potential problems. I had a chest x ray which showed everything to be ok. From speaking w...

MS hug?

Guys, what does an MS hug feel like? I’ve had pain in my chest for 3 weeks. Went to emergency and had an X-ray, ECG, and blood work (twice). All came back normal. I feel a tightness in my sternum that radiates to my back between my shoulder blades, and feel like I can’t catch a full breath. Any idea...


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MS Hug

Hi friends. Do you experience the MS Hug? If so where on your body? My back/torso, hips and pelvis are hurting and I'm wondering if that's what it is. Thank you :)
Kelowna, Canada


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MS hug

Extremely painful MS hug (i’m assuming) I have had other things ruled out so it does seem likely it’s that, it’s painful and I’m struggling and it’s making me go insane. I can’t sleep or go anywhere because it’s constantly there, I’m vomiting too, any advice please?
Blackburn, United Kingdom


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Ms hug

Please can someone explain what an ms hug is like? Because I’m currently having weird pressure around my ribs on the right hand side and across my whole back like a ring. But only in the morning when it wakes me up and I can hardly move with the pain. It’s sometime hard to breath in and out too fee...


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Had my second ms hug

Had my second ms hug, my first one was back march, what I do call my ms nurse which I really don't want to do.