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Depression at highest level 😔

Hello my fellow MS-ears, i got an update on ocrevus. So i have waited a week to see will it be better but no, nothing has happened. My fitness workout is not taking an effect, I'm feeling worse and worse. I don't know what to do 😢.


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MS and depression

I was diagnosed last January with MS (in the midst of some very big personal crises) and was prescribed semi-annual transfusions of Rituxan (had two "half" doses in February to introduce it to my system, followed by the first ever "full-size" dose in August.) Well, the August infusion had a profound...


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Newly diagnosed depression

I’m newly diagnosed, about 6 weeks now and my mental health is shot to pieces. I don’t think I have ever felt so depressed as a I do now. And I don’t even know why, when I was told I had MS I didn’t think I was that affected but my current behaviour would say different. I feel angry that friends don...

Wednesday Oct 18 Post 113 Depression

My clients are struggling with depression and a host of co-morbid issues like anxiety. Viktor Frankl posited that our desire to find meaning in our life and the meaning behind our suffering, motivates us to live. I think of this in terms of a treasure hunt and encourage my clients to search for the ...


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Zero energy and depression

Hey everyone I was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and didn't really have many problems until the past few years. Right now the depression and absolutely zero energy is driving me nuts. When I tell my doctor they say it's probably just low vitamin d levels and send me on my way. I have tried everything to...


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Fatigue —> depression

Does anybody get depression off the back of fatigue, or even simple exhaustion? I ask as I’ve just done two back to back workdays over the weekend, so I expect to be tired today. But every Monday following this rota I feel really desolate and depressed. I can’t see anything good in anything and ofte...


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Fatigue and Depression intersecting

These days have been up and down a lot. The weather has far more influence on me than it used to (it's hopefully about to stop raining). I am currently on anti-depressants for depression and anxiety since January. I often feel fatigue, but exercise regularly to try to combat this. I have not been...


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Depression, anxiety

Hi, I have tried CBT, Sutton Uplift curses, I had Counsellor, but still cant cope. My mobility is getting me down. Even smallest stress effects me a lot. Can you recommend something that works for you?

Treating Depression with CBT

Depression encompasses a range of emotions. When you are depressed you can experience sad mood and concentration problems, but fatigue and loss of interest in daily activities are primary symptoms. (Culpepper, Muskin et al. 2015). As a good friend of mine once said, “I am so low, it feels like I’m ...


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Depression and Disease

In Canada, Bandelow and Michaelis (2015) found that depression occurs in 4.7% of the population annually and 11.3% suffer from depression over their lifetime. Depression is often comorbid with other disorders. Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, even ischemic heart disease, diabetes and h...