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MS treatment vs Covid Vaccine

Hi all! Hoping gather some input as doctors all say there is not enough data to share with us. My wife has been taking tecfidera for the past 5+years and is working great with the right diet and exercise. Doctors have been pushing her to switch to a once/ twice a year. infusions. As she had a few ...


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I've had my first covid vaccine which was asta zeneca

But my husband got scared ashe read a recent news about some man had it and had a stroke!! Now that is very very scary!!!! Can we have a different vaccine like pfizer instead?


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Covid vaccine, again?

I am on Avonex and I am due my second AstraZeneca vaccination. From what I have read I think this is okay to take both. I am not looking forward to it, I was unwell the first time and now I am unwell after my Avonex each week. I guess I will have to write the week off. Not good 👎, but hopefully wor...


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Covid vaccine

Has anyone received the Janssen Covid Vaccination? If so, how were your side effects. I been struggling with dizziness/unbalanced, in which I had to bring my walking cane back out to be able to walk.


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Had the Covid Vaccine yesterday

I was so weak later that night. Weakness in my arms, legs and my speech was difficult to comprehend Some don’t get side effects after the jab. I called the paramedics, they arrived to test I wasn’t having a stroke because my speech was really slurred. I wasn’t having a stroke they said. All tho...


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Covid vaccine

Hi - has anyone else had the Oxford Astra Zenica vaccine, and then suffered ill effects? Daughter had a dose last week, next day raging vertigo symptoms which have worsened day by day. We even took her to A&E on Sunday for fear of a clot (apparently all clear). Cinnarizine seems to have made her ...


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Covid vaccine and side effects

Hi everyone! I had my first covid vaccine Friday and I felt pretty good all day. Saturday I developed flu like symptoms but I wasn't concerned because I figured I was developing antibodies. The most worrisome is my balance is so bad that I keep falling and my legs are giving out. Has anyone had simi...


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Oxford covid vaccine side effects today

Hello everyone I had the Oxford covid vaccine this mng & Then this afternoon I suddenly experienced a deterioration with the vision in my right eye I could not see clearly & I seemed that I could not read to the right hand side of a vertical line ( the last 2 digits of a phone number on a lett...


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COVID vaccine

Just been contacted by my GP about booking in for the Astra Zeneca vaccine has anyone had this already and any side effects I should look out for I’ve not had any treatment o er the past 4 years as the hospital are happy with all the scan up to date but just want to be sure before I have it