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@edmontonalberta thanks. I have good health insurance so if I have ever been concerned about anything I have usually just mentioned it to my Dr when going for regular appts for medication etc. But that has been over many years. When my depression and anxiety improved I went to the Dr less as that had to be monitored reasonably regularly. Health insurance has enabled me to advocate for my health rather than just brushing things off. That said I’d put up with things like ongoing sinus pain for ages before ever mentioning it or insisting I wanted to have it checked out. Waited years. Tests were fine and the specialists answer was it must be muscular skeletal. No real guidance as to what to do with that. So just put up with it.

No doubt some symptoms may not be connected and just coincidental in terms of timing. Some symptoms I have had for years, like sensitivity to sound whereby I ‘jump.’ Others are new this year.

@chloec I relate to what you said about your dad. And sorry for your loss by the way. My dad was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2008. He had been going to our GP for a cough that wouldn’t go away. That fact that he kept going said a lot since he wasn’t someone who went to the dr much. There were never any real answers. Eventually he went on a day the GP was away. The locum sent him for tests. His heart was functioning at 15% capacity. His lungs were filling wirh fluid, hence the cough. Doctors don’t reach to the more serious possibilities often enough. Dad wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t seen that different Dr. He now has alzheimers as well but we’ve been lucky to have him here for the 12 years since he was diagnosed. As you said we have to be advocates for our own health.

I’m lucky that I live close to my work. I had this sixth sense that it was going to be important in the future, that maybe I wouldn’t be able to drive due to seizures or something like that. It is a 5min walk to school. So handy.

Will let u all know when I find out more… If I am going to have the MRI etc.

Hope you are all well and thanks for your support.