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1 week ago

Thanks @stumbler I’m happy to take all the drugs available – already taking amitriptyline 50mg as the relapse last year which triggered dx was mainly feet / legs neuropathy. I’m going to get some magnesium cream tomorrow as it’s got even worse today so thanks for the tip. I think – based on what I’ve read – it’s like an MS hug, it feels as if the world’s strongest man is throttling my foot and ankle. I guess it’s just my body’s way of reminding me I have MS…my MS nurse said last week to keep her posted and I’m lucky in that they have a twice-weekly symptom clinic at the National so maybe I’ll go to that. I just feel a bit of a fraud as I can walk and otherwise I’m not too affected… others have it so much worse than me. Anyway thanks so much for the link and tip about magnesium cream 👍