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3 days ago

Feelin ur pain everyone …
Loss of income, identity, energy…
Yep I’m in same boat (greetings me hearties!) 47, diagnosed in early 00s was in insurance litigation at a prestigious firm, (even had a male secretary!) a lot has happened since then… inc the divorce from hell (like the worst, nearly finished me off, people are so cruel)
In short, retrained as a psychotherapist -now I have difficulty stringing a sentence together or keeping fingers steady enough to use phone/iPad/computer /so now just give random rare pro bono advice and emotional support (being a laywer or barrister is hardcore In this day and age – as my friends attest) and accept the rest (Saying the serenity prayer often)
It’s a full time job keeping on top of the house and the MS and you can’t plan fcuk all
Get your esa and pip, downsize and get all your ducks in order is my advice – your full time job is YOU
And if there’s anytime leftover write that book/screenplay and have fun while you still can?
Adapting, Accepting and being happy is the key I reckon
Love luck and light to all ✨