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1 week ago

Thanks everyone for your messages. It’s comforting as I go through this long waiting game.

@chloec I have had similar experiences. It is hard to describe some of the sensations. I’d had tingly feelings in my hands on and off for ages but a out 2 months back it started happening in my arms, feet and legs. Plus more symptoms. For about 3 weeks it was really intense and I was thinking wth is happening to me?? Sometimes the sensations now can be more like tickle type feelings..sometimes tingly, sometime electric. Recently my limbs feel weak wirh the tingles… Notice it when driving and makes me worry that they could go numb or my feet my slip. The walking on bubbles description sounds familiar too. And just feeling sort of disconnected from my body. It is all so weird.

So many of my different sensations, like you, I have rationalised… And tests for different things over the years always say normal. I know this isn’t normal. Then I wonder if maybe I am imagining it all.

I see a specialist tonight and I am going to request mri. Hopefully I will be able to get that done ASAP…maybe even in the school holidays. I am a teacher and we have 2 weeks left til holidays.

I am both scared it might be MS and scared tests will say come back normal because then if it isn’t MS what the Heck is going on. From reading things over the last couple of months it really feels like it fits…. Have read about all the things with similar symptoms too. Not a Dr of course but I wonder if sometimes you just know.