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1 week ago

Hello @sarah_williams. I got my diagnosis last December and for me it was a weird time. Throughout last year I had been experiencing weird feelings [a vibrating in the tops of my legs/ my vision going hazy for a time which the doctors thought might have been an eye migraine/ feeling very detached from myself as if I was outside of my body watching/ the soles of my feet were tingly and it felt like I was walking on bubbles and having vision problems with movement – basically as if I was drunk with the room moving after I did]. During this time my dads’ health really deteriorated and he was admitted to hospital where he unfortunately passed away. At first I wondered if it was stress physically manifesting itself so I went to my GP for confirmation and was sent for a referral. I was then told that I’d possibly had it already for over 5 years! With everything that had happened I think it took a while for my diagnosis to sink in and even further for me to agree on treatment. After all after my dad passed all my ‘symptoms’ went so why would I believe it could be anything else?I don’t really know what the general symptoms are and have been asked on multiple occasions if I’d had any symptoms before. But if I ever did feel anything it happened for one moment and never again so why would I tell someone about it?