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1 week ago

Hi @sarah_williams I was diagnosed in 2014 and working as a parcel courier. In March I started getting funny feelings in my legs and fatigue which for a fully active man of 42 was strange, this led to a full loss of feeling in my legs that’s when I went to the doctor’s. He assumed I had a trapped nerve so 2 weeks on anti inflammatory went back he sent me to local hospital, one look and they sent me to royal Derby for MRI next day. This led to diagnosis of ms and my legs gave out completely. 18 day hospital stay later I had some feeling in my legs but no skin sensation below the knees ( so if I cut my lower legs I don’t feel it) I can walk now but very slow and laboured. And that’s my long winded story.
We all know stress is a main contributor and in jan 2014 my wife died suddenly (aged 42) and in feb TNT expanded my delivery area to an unreasonable distance as I covered mainly small villages a good 30 minutes apart.