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1 week ago

@angela_powell I haven’t been diagnosed with MS but suspect I have it. I have had a lot of weakness in both arms and legs. Sometimes I wonder if I am imagining it or I rationalise it… Must be because of this or that.
We just had a staff meeting and had to walk a fair way there and back… Also walk to and from school. I really noticed walking from the school gym that I started off quick and strong as normal (have always been a fast walker) but didn’t walk far at all and it was like my legs did not want to take me any further. I noticed the weakness on my arms showering this morn. I just find they seem to tire out quickly.

Covid has meant getting an appt with neuro has been delayed. Saw my GP with concerns in May. See Neuro in October. I got so worried I asked what we could do to get tests underway. I have an appt with general specialist tomorrow. I will be asking for MRI.

Has your weakness felt similar?