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1 week ago

@jmms I haven’t been diagnosed with MS but have strong suspicions that is what I have (have an appointment with a general specialist on Tuesday) to hopefully get scans done soon.

I have been doing intermittent fasting since April 2019. I fast every day and it is now just habit and a lifestyle for me. When I started, I only did a 14 hr fast and quickly shifted to 16hrs as it wasn’t so hard. I generally aimed to do 18hrs a day but if I wasn’t hungry I fasted longer. My longest was 21hrs. I just listened to my body as to how long to fast for but I think 18 hrs was best for weight loss. Over a year I lost 14kg. I still ate whatever I felt like but I found that IF helped with appetite correction and also changed my tastes. I’m a sweet tooth but I found that some things I used to eat heaps before just made me feel gross. I have only stopped fasting when I have been sick and needed to have lozenges etc (any good, anything with flavour breaks the fast and the key is a clean fast).

I started IF randomly on a whim as I wanted to make some health changes and the day I decided I need to do that my friend posted her one year anniversary of IF, so I thought I’ll just do that. Said friend is a nurse and has done loads of research into IF and has a website and Facebook group. She uses it with diabetic patients with great success. I have no clue about whether it has particular benefits for MS.
The website is
Sarah has lots of info in her blog posts.

These days I don’t pay too much attention to how long I fast for but it is roughly 16 or 17hrs each day. The batteries in my scales went flat and I haven’t changed them yet so no idea what I weight these days. Pretty sure I put on some Covid weight as developed some terrible habits during our first lockdown, but I think I have lost some again. The good thing about IF I find is to see it as a lifestyle not a diet. You don’t have to give up anything.

Hope you feel in better spirits soon. Feeling ya. I’m a bit in that space myself. Been feeling pretty alone… But this site helps a bit.
Hope the website helps if u check it out.