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1 week ago

@jmms @ralee and fasting or fasting-mimicking diets, have you looked at Dr Valter Longo on You Tube? I’m not recommending him or his ‘longevity diet’ book which became popular with some of my friends with MS. It is reality however that some neurologists are becoming interested in fasting and Keto diets and plan to trial in these areas.
My lifestyle had fitted in with 16:8 eating (pre Covidd) however Longo advises against it saying it causes gallstones and other problems. He suggests we eat within 12 hours or less each day for maximum health.
@jmms these sort of diets are recommended for diabetes, and Metformin is a common drug for treating it. Whatever about treatments coming on line for us there seems to be a lot about lifestyle that we can control which may help ourselves.
And, just sit and rest…it’s OK
Stay Safe