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1 week ago

@amyx personally I recommend the OMS diet which is mentioned in the piece @ralee posted above.
It took me months to come across the OMS website, which was refreshing after only finding doom and gloom online after my diagnosis. Apart from the diet there is a lot more to it. As I was already a meditator (only a few months previously) I have found that part of the lifestyle programme suited me well. It has allowed me to meet some fellow OMS followers, none of us are cultish about is in any way 😉
I have looked into some of the other better known MS diets and do not believe I would be able to follow them. Yuck, no point in being miserable.
@stumbler mentioned Caroline Wyatt from the BBC who had HSCT and she has written and talked of her experiences factually and openly.
For more of a celebrity experience, the American actor Selma Blair also had it although I would say that the reporting around her is more sensationalist, and not necessarily helpful.
Good luck