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2 weeks ago

With so many of his visits changing to Telemedicine Dr Boster has put out some tips on how to make the most from each visit. I found this so helpful. I agree with him that even after Covid there are so many advantages to televisits. They are more often on time and not missed, they are such lower stress for people struggling with mobility and transportation and sometimes are even more valuable than the in person visits. I think even after the pandemic some visits will remain telemedine…maybe my annual appointment will be in person and my 6 month check-ins will be telemedine.

I had an appointment earlier this spring that was telemed that went ok. Then he wanted me to get up and walk 10′ away from the computer…I didn’t have it set up anywhere that he could see me for 10′ so I made sure in my fall apointment I was setup for this request and then he couldn’t get his video or audio to pick me up! so frustrating – so we had to set up an in-person visit which actually worked out fine as they needed to take the blood samples anyways for the pre-labs for my next ocrevus infusion and could just do that then.

So-make sure they can see you in good light, can see you get up and move. It is quiet and you are not distracted, etc. Dr Boster has some videos on recommendations and has changed his appointments to this format so his recommendations from a Dr’s point of view were helpful

As I am 55 and know that Vit D3 absorption decreases with age I requested my level be tested in the spring to make sure the two 100s that I am taking a day is enough and I was tested at a “70” and we should be (according to Dr Boster) between 50 and I am just right 😉 but what you need to take to get there will be very personal. As it is required to maintain our D level for MS patients I followed up with insurance to force them to pay for it as they initially denied-