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6 days ago

It is such a common challenge to us and I have brought it up at many of my neuro appointments. It is especially an issue right after my Ocrevus infusions which may be somewhat to the Sol Medrol you are dosed up on. So they will reduce that next time.

Finally this week in my Neuro appointment he took up sleep as something that should be looked into (after about 4 years of my reporting it as an issue) and wants me to go to a sleep clinic. Not sure when I can fit this in as I am sure that when I go to a different environment to try to sleep that it will be an epic fail ;-0 Often when I try to sleep at a hotel I get no sleep at all.

At home I do all the good sleep hygiene things (going to bed at 9:30) but very often end up going to the couch to read a book at 10 and after about 20 minutes pretty much collapse and sleep as I’ve moved my mind to a fictional place and it lets go. BUT…only for 2 hours and I’m back awake. Go to the bathroom, stretch a bit and then I can usually get back to sleep…for two hours…repeat (transitioning back to bed)…then hopefully get back to sleep until at least 5AM. Then that is about it- I don’t think I usually get 7 hours and this was documented by the wrist device I got to track my sleep and upload it to a program as I had a hard time believing it myself.