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1 week ago

There are many that say “if you do this one thing” your MS will improve or disappear. I think we all like simple answers but I don’t think MS is that easy. I take an effective DMT (Ocrevus) eat a clean diet (more towards Paleo or “clean”) and make sure to do light exercise/stretch at least an hour a day. Of course there are also supplements (D3, Mg, fish oil, Hi Cap C and some more for brain health, etc.) and more importantly avoid stress and make sure to get as much sleep as your body will give you.

Welcome on board, we welcome your comments and contributions. You will find a lot of people pushing diets or cures so use your judgement and be watch that every time you do a google search you will be barraged by more groups trying to sell you their cure ;-0 There may be bits and pieces to learn and apply from each of them. One that I have looked into some and asked Neuros about is “The Wahls Protocol” but the Drs say it can’t be clinically duplicated but she says she just needs more money to do it herself and do it right. Her story has also changed from “I’ve cured my MS” to more like “It is helping my MS”. There is also an “O” diet? and other approaches. What has made the most sense to me is the most recent Dr Boster advice…just to eat clean. Nothing from a box, nothing pre-prepared, nothing with chemicals or words you can’t pronounce…he says “real food” but doesn’t mean the diet with that trade name…when I asked him he said he didn’t realize it had already been branded ;-0

You have to find what works for you. What makes you feel and do better. It likely won’t just be one thing 😉 and then share.