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2 weeks ago

Hey @tracey1982, wow, so I have been branded ‘wise’ above, that’s a first!!! So, welcome to Shift. It’s a great place so get advice, join conversations, float ideas, but mainly, to know and realise that you’re not alone – we’ve all been there! This time post-diagnosis is the time to be really kind to yourself, and impose lots of treats! Most people – myself included – would say it takes a year to get used to things, and to pursue what we call ‘the new normal’, as the idea of having MS usually turns everything upside down.

The basics, are to eat healthily and sleep/rest as much as you need to, not how much you THINK you need to rest – you will become an expert at learning to listen to your body. Don’t smoke, and try to exercise as favourably as possible. By that, I mean don’t be too ambitious or overdo things. Although this might seem strange to say, stress can have a major impact on us and affect us in strange ways. For example, on the odd occasion I’ve had a shock, or become really upset, I find that I am almost immobile when I stand up to walk. This is short-lasting, but shows you how strongly stress and anxiety affects us. You’re obviously quite a way along your journey now, so you are already something of an expert! You’ve probably told people already, and that’s always a personal choice. People often get into a tizz about whether or not to disclose to their employer; no hard/fast rules, but I’d say it’s generally better to in the long run (with a disability, we have the full protection of Employment Law).

Anyway, enough from me; ask any questions, dip in and out as often as you need to. And keep smiling, we’re in this together, and that means a lot xx