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1 week ago

My one foot was sticking out funny one day and I really couldn’t straighten it. No pain but odd and somewhat affected my gait, obviously. Now, 15 years later, as I am trying out FES they run current to affect certain nerves and one makes your foot stick out like that! I immediately knew they had found the initial nerve impacted. That was the symptom that send me to the neuro and into the MRI for a diagnosis.

For years prior to that I had strange nerve things that were explained as nerve irritation to exercise class or some such. Like when I couldn’t lift my right foot sometimes…like to get into a car or occasionally stumbling when running up stairs. Then there was a blind spot in one eye during my second trimester of pregnancy that went away in the third they thought might be ON but now think it was an optical migraine…but for 3 months? we are special…aren’t we ;-/