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1 week ago

Thank you 🙂


I have to say it’s there in my blood results which I’ve published since I had Lem – my neutrophils and monocytes were always a bit ‘tits up’ even before I had Lem.

It’s why I ended up at the Haematologist last year because I was concerned that they’d spiked somewhat – hilariously I sent the haematologist my bloods spreadsheet and he had a ‘moment’ that it was ‘a thing of beauty’ and asked if I could help him do something similar for his other patients 🙂 anyway enough ‘squirrelling’ – the upstart is that it’s been like that since way before Lem for me – nothing is worse, but I have now had a full clean bill of health about cancers and leukaemia and all the genetic tests for BRACA2 etc all done and passed as well.

@stumbler Apologies it’s been far too long since I was on here, I guess life just got in the way, I’ll try to be less rubbish and visit more often in future xx