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2 weeks ago

@watsoncraig – wise is an adjective that I am flattered to be tagged with!

@tracey1982 – right now it will feel like you are drinking from the firehose – so to speak – but it will pass. I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs so if you are doing all the following then ignore me.

Engage with it but try – it is very hard – not to be all MS all the time. Allow your brain to pretend it is a normal world as well. Even if it is for 10 min a day.

Read this brief article by Rachel Horne ( @longboat ) here:

I scrawled a less elegant view here:

If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

There are plenty of people willing to relieve you of money by promising different miracle-cures. If there were such a thing you can be sure it wouldn’t be a special secret passed from friend to friend and sold online with no prescription.

Engage with the MS Team. Be liked, be nice, be kind, send them Christmas cards. Be liked and remembered, don’t be a shrinking violet. People naturally do more for people they like. Remember, until you are different you are A. N. Other patient. They’ll make you feel good when talking to you but when the phone goes down you’ll just be a number again. They have loads to deal with.

Get going on a decent DMT. Think about the fact that you are medicating yourself to affect future events. To eliminate or mitigate them. A DMT treats your MS. It is chemical brakes. other drugs treat symptoms of the MS. Only a DMT choice needs to be considered with a far longer horizon.

It will be fine. Really, life will change but it will be fine. We’ve all got each other here.

PS: Get a Disabled Persons Railcard as well – if you have MS then you are entitled. Period. There are no further criteria. Use the magnifying glass here to search it out on this site. All the instructions are there.