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2 weeks ago

Oh chick what a mare!

I presume they didn’t warn you of the possible risk of neutropenia when you were prescribed it; or evidently how bad it is/whether it’s long term or a temporary situation/or what you can do about it…have you been advised further in any way? Grr

I’m quite poorly myself, but I read your post and was incensed and sympathetic – bless you, all you need in these trying times.

Lemtrada and it’s ‘ game changing’ abilities were touted everywhere here a few years ago, much to my consternation(long story) – then Proff G at Barts put a more balanced , realistic (50% failure, 25% long term damage fk that) view across in 2017 -and I felt a little bit vindicated when I read his (outrageous and infuriating )but well researched/written blog about it; calling for more trials due to safety concerns; (and documenting the absolutely and entirely corrupt pharma industry)

(…. grr – They knew they were poisioning babies; but carried on regardless for 7 years for example- also in said post of Prof G)

They should test these drugs much more thoroughly before they start patenting and prescribing

I used to be a lawyer and honestly? I’d speak to a medical negligence lawyer if I were you?

In fact I would be happy help and to zoom you through the whole process tbh (pro bono/free), so incensed am I on your behalf honeybunch.

Fresh fruit smoothies, fresh air and lots of treats for you lovely
And Tracey I love you, your bravery, your blog, your hair, your adorable dog….)

Hugs to all✨❣️🌈🦋🥶🦋🌈❣️