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1 week ago

Welcome and I second the note above. I do something to push my boundaries every day. I was Dx 15 years ago and was quite a competitive horse rider then in dressage and jumping. But life changes and becoming a mother 18 years ago caused me to refocus and then a MS diagnosis. I still manage to get on our pony every once in a while but don’t have the strength for a posting trot anymore. My PT guy said that if we set that as a goal he can come up with some exercises 😉 my neuro said that I actually look better now than our last appointment so that is good! In my mind I’m not so self-perception is not always the best. I have also started a new job as a cost accountant/systems implementation so staying challenged mentally as well. I started Ocrevus last October after 9 years on Copaxone and 5 on Rebif.

Don’t count yourself out. With the current DMTs and a healthy lifestyle we are changing the curve. So much more is known now then when I was Dx. At that point they had just come up with the first treatment and it wasn’t that effective. They also advised against exerting yourself. Now we treat and push and demand better and more ;-0

This group is great and there are so many good resources. Of course the MS Societies of the US and UK have good material as does Dr Boster on You Tube, “The Life of Seb” (good Yoga there too), NoStressMS and Dr Brandon Beaber.

It sounds like you have a good attitude – and that is the one we need 😉