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2 weeks ago

Hi @vixen

That’s exactly what I have been thinking of. Moving from London back to my hometown.

I may have no choice and and I’m also fighting against that.

I’m worried that I won’t fit in back home. I’d be on my own and in a flat that’s not as nice as the one I have and all my friends and family up there have their own life.

I’m worried that I’d be an extra. A burden. I need to work for my sanity. I work in the creative industry and there’s no way I’d get that type of job if I moved. But feel I’m running out of time down here. My mobility is getting less and less.

I want the move to be my choice with me in control with the drive and energy to create a new good life.

Just the thought of the logistics of it all and who would help. Feel I’m a burden. Therefore I’ve been questioning everything I’ve done. Ruminating 24/7.

But you’ve really really helped me here. They say ask for help but it’s knowing where that help is to ask for it. Thanks again @vixen.