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2 weeks ago

Hey @mintedminders, welcome to Shift! Sounds like you are ‘proper resilient’ which is no easy task! Clearly you are able to accept change, even though we are unfortunately forced into this. The minefield you describe is one big conundrum. I mean, I’m in secure employment and they are great at making reasonable adjustments. But, the other side of me says: how much adjustment can I reasonably expect, before my job is nothing like what it is supposed to be? You are right about Covid; it is a fact that most people have seen a resurgence of symptoms during lockdown. You are not alone. I’m not sure how old you are, if you are married etc. But you mention quality of life and, since I was diagnosed nearly four years ago, this has been the underlying thing that drives me forward. But as for you, and now, you have really achieved something in getting this job. First things first, consider Access to Work as a stating point; I have applied for this to help with getting a cab to work, as the only other way is to climb 62 steps at the nearby station, which I can’t do. Keep going, this is your nature. And keep fighting to get that quality of life you deserve x