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3 weeks ago

Every time when I think I am done…I pause and ask myself, really? and after giving it a few seconds I get a second start. I have to remember to ask as my body says it is done…but it isn’t.

But at night I am waking every 2 hours…then have to go to the bathroom before I can get back to sleep. Frustrating but I don’t think I wake because I have to pee. I think it is spasms or spasticity.

Neuro understood this time that it really is an issue (I had also raised it last visit) and prescribed me to go to a sleep center to have it looked into. If you like You Tube stuff check out “Life of Seb” (the one about MS, not the other) and he recently found out he was having spasms at night and that was waking him…now he is taking an anti-spas med before bed and doing better. Maybe that is my deal…hopefully they help me figure it out 😉