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3 weeks ago

Hello Allan. I am sure things are quite scary right now for you. Try to hang on this ride is wilder than any one at the CNE or the Calgary Stampede. They call MS the Snowflake disease because it is different for each individual, kind of like ingesting LSD, nobody can accurately predict your experience. Myself, I was diagnosed May 2012 and went from using a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair within 8 months. The hardest part was shedding the old self, I could no longer do things I took for granted, walking hand in hand, etc. I went through the next 3 years in a writers block which was unusual. Friends tried to offer support and encouragement through it all. I was caring for my Mom as she had Alzheimer’s, she passed in 2016. So for four years 24/7 I cared for an Alzheimer’s patient, my Mom. I emerged from my writers block up in the mountains(Banff) at a Christmas party for my girlfriend at the time. As I sat in my wheelchair watching people drink and dance and then drink and fall down, I found a pen and paper and composed. It is imperative to shed the old self, you are altered and will change, hopefully you will plateau and stabilize, that is my experience, have not really degraded much after the initial disease thrust. Try not to panic Allan, seek peace with a higher power, I call mine God, and may he guide you on this rocky road. Be Well!