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2 weeks ago

@itsmewithms I don’t know if the lesions are active or anything. I don’t really understand the lingo yet. I have them in three regions of my brain. The nurse team did say I can call them whenever I would like steroids. I figured that was more for debilitating symptoms. If my face goes completely numb again I may consider it but it’s more annoying than painful. When and if my legs and feet get bad I may try it to see if that helps. Everything just seems to have settled for the last 4-5 months so still there but not as bad – face numbness is subtle, pain in legs and feet is way better than it has been in the past and brain fog but no vertigo. Speech has become horrible (stuttering, slow to find my words) that I notice comes and goes with stress. Will get my meds (whatever they may be) tomorrow.