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3 weeks ago

When you were diagnosed did they check for an active lesion/inflammation? your MRI would have been on a new machine or with and without contrast. If you have active inflammation you would receive massive steroid doses (like 1G) over days that reduces the inflammation and for me, at that stage, reduced the symptoms like 80% in a couple of days.

But- regardless – the better you build your “reserve” through sleep, low stress, good diet, Vitamin D, hydration, exercise and stretching, all the good things in life 😉 the better you will feel. We all have better and worse days and try for as many good days as possible.

We also have lesions in different places and different sizes on our spines and in our brains so all have unique symptoms and MS affects us differently. The ones that trouble me are primarily on my spine and I find my gait most affected with drop foot and a heavy right leg. Others have vision issues or weakness in their hands. The symptoms I read about on this site are pretty varied.

But build up your reserves and give yourself a break to find your new normal…breathe 😉 and hang in there. Hopefully you come out of the fog-