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3 weeks ago

Thank you for the responses.
@highlander I am glad that this medication is working for you.
@stumbler I am very familiar with this tool.
I have been asking my doctor her opinion on Cladribine since year one of my diagnosis. I asked also now. Her arguments against it:

1) Too aggressive/dangerous for your case. Also, very unpredictable side effects, with people getting cancer years later after they stop with it.
2) Due to COVID-19 it’s not advised that it is prescribed currently unless very necessary
3) We don’t have experience in the hospital with this drug. Also in general, in the Netherlands it is very rarely prescribed.

Here in the Netherlands insurances cover only one second opinion and because I got mine 3 years ago when I got diagnosed, I can never get another one ever (I know this is crazy). I convinced them to cover a visit to that doctor that I had gotten the second opinion at back then, but even if they recommend a different treatment my insurance said that they won’t cover the costs of switching to that doctor, rather than this doctor will have to send a recommendation to my current doctor and it will be at her discretion to implement it or not.

I can also pay myself for other opinions (around €300 per appointment), but then again my doctor wil have to be the end decision maker.

I also am planning to go get some other opinions in Greece where I am from, but then again the same issue would stand: my current doctor will have to be convinced to give me another medication.

So it feels like I am sort of stuck with this doctor for now as long as I reside in the Netherlands..

I honestly have been considering staying on Copaxone instead of having to go through the daily torture that Tecfidera seems to be..

Going on something more effective especially now that I m still early on in the MS journey and symptom-free seems like a great prospect, but I need to feel reassured also by a doctor that this is the right path for me.

I have read a lot about MS and I do consider myself educated on it on a certain level, but the truth is: I am not a doctor myself. So I can’t really know what’s best.