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3 weeks ago

@angieh, just to add something : the RMS/SPMS/PPMS categories are not great to understand the disease. MS is progressive from the start. The progressive composante can be very different in importance in pmMS and sometime it is so small that it’s not clinically relevant and all you can see is the inflammatory component of the disease (the lesions on MRI and relapses).

What is important is, can you do something about it ? Because you have clearly an inflammatory component still going on (the new lesions on your MRI) you still have a window of opportunity to act for your health with anti-inflammatory DMTs.

Therefore, if you feel that your MS is smoldering (worsening of symptoms independently of relapses – which you name PIRA for Progression independent of relapses) a good idea could be to go for anti-CD20 therapies which show not only to have a great effect on inflation but also an effect on PIRA / smoldering MS (SPMS if you prefer).