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3 weeks ago

@angieh Hi. First thing first, if you have new lesions on your MRI, you need to do something about it.

What you describe (new lesions on MRI) basically means that your DMT is not effective for you (you are not a responder of copaxone if you prefer, by the way the majority of pwMS aren’t either).

So to my mind, you really shouldn’t wait until November to see your neuro/MS specialist. In my opinion, you need to ask him/her now to switch your DMT for a more potent one (don’t accept a switch for another CRAB drug).

The ‘good’ news is that your MS is active (and not only smoldering progressive) so you CAN do something about it with current anti-inflammatory DMT (especially high efficacy ones like monoclonal antibodies, for example anti CD20) to prevent more damage (and maybe calm down some of your symptoms).