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3 weeks ago

Hi @angieh, welcome to Shift. That’s my Geography lesson done, I had to look up where Hagerstown is! From what yo have written, it would seem that your MS has been (fortunately) slow burning. With things being on an even keel for so long, I can see what a huge shock it’s been to you, your body and your emotional state to have this probable relapse. I guess one of the most awful things about this is the unpredictability. The lesson there is that we can’t ever get complacent. And the tough thing about that, is that if MS is in your head and worries every day, it will take over your life. We can’t win! So, are your workplace aware that you have MS? That will be a start, as they have a duty to help you at this time. You could ask to have an Occupational Health assessment, this really helped me as it presents a full report from your perspective and will identify some of the reasonable adjustments which can be made. It sounds like anxiety is quite new to you, and can easily be helped with some medication, even if only temporary. I’ve been shocked at seeing the impact that stress can have on us. I have never experienced anxiety in my life and now – aged 54 – up it pops in the middle of the Covid crisis! I imagine that you might also be early 50s; something else I would say is that at this age, with children/decades of work behind you, you kind of think your life pattern is set, and then ill health descends and kind of ruins everything (I was diagnosed at 50). You will have to find a way through it; yes, it’s not what you were expecting, but you can do it. First thing is to take a deep breath and acknowledge all the positive things in your life. Fix an appointment with the doctor to explain how anxious you are. Speak with a trusted boss/employer and get the ball rolling there. If it is SPMS, then it is what it is; it’s just a name, and you will still keep going with your life. There are loads of folks with SPMS on here living full and happy lives. You have lots of support here; you’re a survivor, you just need a little help to get you over this hump. Take care, keep posting, I’m sure it will help! x