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3 weeks ago

Hi @vixen I think it’s probably is that, my routine and life is kinda all over the place at the moment. Before, I had my exercise, work, studies and family and friends which kinda just came to a halt. I’ve had more time to think and over think which in one way has been good because I push things aside and distract myself and this has forced me to deal with everything but it’s also been bad for me. My ex and I have been sharing the childcare pretty much halfway which is more than it has ever been the last four years so I’ve had too much time to myself. Although, things are slowly getting back to some kind of normal it’s not my life before which I’m craving I guess. Sorry to hear about your anxiety about going back to work, if it’s any consolation I felt safe at work when I went back before the holidays. It actually helped to be honest, I felt like that at the beginning and now I just can’t wait to get back. I think the whole situation has just thrown us all outta sync, hopefully everything will settle soon and we’ll both feel normal again 😊🤞. Uni starts soon, so I’ll also have that aswell. Thank you for replying chick 😊. Xxx