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3 weeks ago

@laura-forde I have had pretty extensive experience with this as I tackled this after the success with Disabled Persons Railcards.

It is a twisted and complex web as it is all run by the individual councils, it is not central. Even though it appears so through the application portal.

I sent you a friend request so feel free to PM me about this.

The transient and hidden nature of MS utterly escapes them. I started beating them with the Equality Acto but they just obfuscated and delayed. I have put this on hold as my need has gone at the moment.

To qualify for a badge you need to have your walking (mobility) assessed. They are looking for a permanent limitation. It is falling on deaf ears when you tell them about hidden things that affect your ability to park a normal distance away. And, they simply cannot bear the idea – entirely unproven – that you may not be in need at the moment but park in a Disabled Bay anyhow because you know damn well that it is highly likely that you may need it later. They act as if you have asked them, personally, to sub you a 100 quid from their salary. it is extraordinary.

Rant over: I am discussing it in slow-time with a speciality disability lawyer because it grips me. Watch this space but don’t hold your breath.