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3 weeks ago

Hi @laura-forde,

I agree that you should apply for a blue badge. I’m not sure which local authority you fall under, but here in Lancashire, Lancashire County Council deal with blue badges. I don’t think that being diagnosed with M.S. automatically entitles any of us to a blue badge, but all the symptoms that you describe are definitely relevant. The form that I had to fill in was horrendously complicated it was done online, and had limits on the number of characters that one could use, so take your time and chose your (limited) words carefully. Describe your symptoms at their worst. If the form is anything like mine,I advise you to make it clear that your symptoms vary from day to day (if they do) and that you cannot give “standard”answers, eg you might be able to walk for half-a-mile one day, and not be able to get out of bed the next…

They will probably ask for the details of your G.P. and consultant. Do add any other doctors/agencies that you have been referred to for the difficulties you describe. Persevere and you will get there in the end.

Good luck, and best wishes,