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3 weeks ago

I’m likely further down the path than you as I was Dx in 2005 but I was on Copaxone and Rebif before Ocrevus. Been on that for about a year and my recent MRI shows no new lesions (kind of expected as I thing I have moved to SPMS) and maybe more important no unexpected brain atrophy (I’m 55 so some is natural) or increase in black holes. Pretty much physically stable with the continued drop foot and heavy right leg, but they are at least no worse then last year and other nerve issues have improved. I also prefer the twice a year infusion to dreading taking a shot several times a week- For me it is good. Check out Dr Boster’s You Tube review of the various DMTs, he is pretty positive on it.

I have also improved my diet and make sure to stretch and do my PT and have gotten my Vit D level up to a 70…so fighting on all fronts…good luck!